Pampers New Baby Size 0 – 24 Nappies


The exclusive Derma Comfort layer provides Pampers’ best skin protection while pulling wetness and mess away from the skin.

  • Pampers New Baby Size 0 24 Nappies
  • Unbeatable protection for newborn skin
  • Suitable for babies weighing 1-2.5kg/2-5lbs
  • Goes well with Pampers Sensitive Max Care Wipes

Give your little one the ultimate comfort and care with Pampers! Our Premium Protection New Baby nappies are specially crafted to provide the softest and most gentle protection for your baby’s delicate skin. Worried about prolonged contact with mess and wetness? Fret not! Our exclusive DERMACOMFORT layer swiftly draws away wetness and mess, keeping your baby’s skin dry and happy.

Why choose Pampers Premium Protection New Baby nappies?

  1. The DERMACOMFORT layer with absorbent pores keeps your baby’s skin dry and protected.
  2. Millions of micropores ensure air flows freely, keeping the skin dry.
  3. Enjoy up to 100% Leakage Protection with our unique 3-way system.
  4. Our nappies feature cushiony Ultra Soft materials for cloud-like comfort.

Pampers Premium Protection New Baby nappies are the top choice for parents of newborns. Rest easy knowing they are 100% safe for your baby’s skin – dermatologically tested and free from EU perfume allergens (as per EU Cosmetics Regulation No 1223/2009). For a complete care routine, pair them with Pampers baby wipes. Choose Pampers for a happy and comfortable baby!

  • Breathable Comfort: Let the air flow freely around the nappy with millions of tiny pores, keeping your baby’s skin dry and happy.
  • Cloud-like Softness: Our nappies feature cushiony Ultra Soft materials that lovingly embrace your baby’s skin in a cosy cloud of comfort and protection.
  • Flexi Side Wings: The Ultra Soft flexi side wings gently adapt to your baby’s tummy, ensuring a snug fit and helping to avoid any irritation.
  • Handy Wetness Indicator: No more guesswork! Our nappies come with a handy wetness indicator, so you’ll always know when it’s time for a change.
  • Navel-Friendly Design: Specifically shaped to protect your newborn’s delicate belly, our nappies are designed with your baby’s comfort in mind.
  • Dermatologically Tested: Rest easy knowing our nappies are dermatologically tested, ensuring they are gentle on your baby’s skin.
  • No Perfume Allergens: We care about your baby’s well-being. Our nappies contain 0% EU perfume allergens, making them safe and delightful for your little one.


Petrolatum, Stearyl Alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

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